Implicit Masonry, an exhibition by Petter Krueger

Rosebank Millthorpe is delighted to welcome a new exhibition by Petter Krueger, a Swedish artist now exhibiting in Australia.  The small dioramas use scale, colour and confined presentation to playfully investigate architecture and abstract concretism.

What does it really mean to frame an object?  To remove it from its usual context, place it somewhere else and let it stand out for itself in the new place?  Look from another angle, and the works become clearer, sharper, soft or playful and then they manifest in a new light, and find new meaning.  They are carefully constructed and neatly arranged to create a stillness and a structure.  Take your time………….

Now open on Friday Saturday and Sunday at 38-40 Victoria Street, Millthorpe. 10am – 4pm



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